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Homosexuality Facts

Do you work or go to school somewhere that you find is not tolerant of the LGBT community? Well heres is what we are offering. If you send us some information on the environment, we are willing to make up an Information Booklet, that may be sent to your place of business or education. OR, if you know of a business that is uneducated on the topic, we may be able to send them something that will enlighten them.

What causes homosexuality? Is it a choice?
Sexual orientation, whether it be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual does not appear to be something that one chooses. Recent studies suggest that sexual orientation has a genetic or biological component, and is probably determined before or shortly after birth. Like heterosexuals, gays and lesbians discover their sexuality as a process of maturing, they are not recruited, seduced or taught to be homosexual (Bell, Weinberg, M.S. & Hammersmith, 1982),(Troiden,1989). The only choice gay or lesbian people have is whether or not to live their lives honestly, or according to societies unrealistic expectations.

Is homosexuality caused by abuse, or a bad experience with someone of the opposite sex?
Many people suffer from all types of abuse and neglect as children, yet grow up to be heterosexual. Many people, both heterosexual and homosexual, have had bad experiences with a person of the opposite sex. There is no correlation between any of these occurrences and homosexuality

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