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The movies you love, the magazines you crave, and where to find them.

Looking to find that movie, but don't know where to look. Wanting to buy magazines but have no clue where to buy them here are some places you should know about.

Recently I went to Macs Cigar Store on 3rd street S.E. across from Tim Hortons, You'll find an array of gay/les, magazines, From OUT to, On our Backs, Advocate and Bust.

As for books and novels, we have connections to Coles Book Store, you can order anything through them although sometimes they feel it could be quicker to order them at Chapters Online. Don't be shy, everyone there is very liberated and very un-phobic, no need to be shy.

For movies, well Blockbuster is your best bet for new releases and more recent films. But to find old ones, as supporting small business is a good thing, please see as many movies at the Monarch and Town Theater's.

Buy your pet supplies at Animal World.

Looking for a place to hang out for coffee,Cafe Mundo, Smitty's, Joints and Java even Nifty Fifties

If you have any suggestions, places you enjoy let us know.