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Get Involved

We understand that with your current schedules, some social events may be hard to attend. So, we are going to try and keep you up on events that may be better for you to attend. In doing this, we hope to create an active social life for the LGBT Society of Medicine Hat.

Be A Member:
If you would like to become a member, the fee is $15.00 for the year. The cost of membership covers advertising costs, postage, and event planning. Please email us or come out to the events and get an application. Don't worry its just for us to have on file. Being a member gets you special rates for special events such as our upcoming dance, and all other events we hold. You also become a voice at the general meetings held by the community. You gain the right to vote, appeal, complain etc. Sign up, the quicker the better

Make a donation,  join in on the fun, come out to event nights.
Make the fun: join an event committee. Advertise, if you know of or own a business that you would like to advertise on this site and all newsletters, let us know, we'd love to help.

The LGBT Society of Medicine Hat now has an official Board of Directors, according to the specifics of our by-laws. If you would like to be on the event planning committee email us and sign up