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May 1/02 - Well with the AGM behind us now the LGBT Society is looking forward to another exciting year.  As well as electing our new board of directors we also have a few social activities planned for the near future.  If anyone has any questions about what was discussed at the AGM and how it affects the LGBT Society please feel free to contact us.  We would like to thank Andrew Smith for his contributions to the LGBT and wish him well in his future endeavors.  We would also like to welcome Travis as Treasurer and Damara as Vice President.  Phyllis and Sheri have remained in their position and Richard has moved to Co-President. We have our dance committee in the works but could always use a few extra helping hands; if you are able to help out please let us know before the dance.  Our April newsletter is finished if anyone would like a copy please email us as to how you would like to receive this (email or snail mail).  Our membership cards are also finished and those who attended the AGM have received theirs.  Any memberships purchased before February 2002 expire as of May 1st 2002.  Anyone wishing to purchase a new one may do so by contacting us.  We are currently taking votes for our "theme" song which is $1.00/vote please see Richard at coffee nights to view the list of possible songs and vote.  We are in contact with an individual who has offered us webspace at which is still in the making.  We are looking forward to this expansion and will put a "redirect" link on our current server.  Our next coffee night is at Smitty's May 14th, don't forget to vote on the main page as to where and when you would like to see coffee nights held( this poll will be running until the end of May at which time the votes will be tallied and the majority of votes will decide where and when they will be held for the rest of the year) please remember we cannot please everyone but if you don't vote we won't know what you want!  It has come to our attention that there may be more media in the Medicine Hat News concerning the Gay Community and we would like to let everyone know that the LGBT Society does not support any press releases at this time.  Our dance preparations are coming along well.  If anyone knows of an establishment that is willing to donate for door prizes it would be greatly appreciated and recognition will be given (if they wish).  We are already in the planning stages for our garage sale however, we still need donations if you have anything you would like to donate please let us know so we can pick it up. (arrangements have been made for storage if you are unable to store it until June) The HIV/AIDS Network had great success with their wine tasting/art auction in April.  Thanks go out to everyone who attended and especially to those who were able to volunteer their time at the auction and help set-up. We would like to thank the community for all the support the LGBT Society has received this past year it's people like you who help make us stronger.

April 6/02 - We would like to send our good wishes Sam's way as she has moved out of town in search of greener pasture's.  We wish you all the luck and thank you for your service as treasurer. 

March 24/02  -  We would like to let everyone know that the LGBT will be having their annual general meeting on April 30th at 7:00 pm at the ABC restaurant in the back board room. At this time we will be holding elections for next years board. Everyone is invited to attend but only those having fully paid memberships will have voting rights for elections.   Memberships are available for $15 and are valid until april of 2003.  Please see us at coffee nights or email to inquire.

We would like to let everyone know that our coffee nights are up and running strong again; March 19th at Chimo's and starting April 2nd we will be holding them back at Smitty's Lounge in the Mall.

Our annual general meeting is coming up in April (date and place to be announced next week). In order to have voting rights as to who you would like to see on the board you must be a member in good standing order; what this means is that you MUST have paid the $15 membership fee. Anyone willing to let their name stand for a position on the board please contact a board member. For those of you wondering who is presently on the board the list is as follows:

Phyllis - Co- President

Andrew - Co-President

Richard - Vice President and Director of Sacred Seal

Sam - Treasurer

Sheri - Secretary

If you wish to purchase a membership you can do so at coffee night or by contacting us. Any memberships purchased from February on are good for the 2002-2003 season (April to April).

Our newsletter is in the works and will be finished by mid-April. We will only be mailing these to people who REQUEST it as discretion is very important to us all. Please email us to have your name put on our mailing list. They will be mailed in plain white or manila envelopes with NO return address. If you wish to have yours emailed instead, again please let us know.

Our phone line is now up and running (403)581-LGBT(5428). It is with great sadness that I must announce the resignation of Shelley Kakish as Co-president. Shelley did an awesome job of getting the LGBT up and running and we hope to continue growing in a positive manner to bring awareness to our community. The board has been working alot behind the scenes this last month to get this society established. We have now applied for our society status and it is just a matter of time now.

The HIV network has been very supportive of us and our goals and we are in great debt to them. One way of showing our thanks to them is by helping out when and if they ask for it; and that time is now. The HIV network has asked for volunteers to help out for their fundraising auction. We need a few people to help out on the afternoon of April 8th to set up for it and also on the evening of April 20th when the auction takes place please email us to let us know if you are available to help out.

We have some events planned over the next couple of months that we need committees for. If you are able to help out please email or talk to us at coffee nights to let us know. Please hold onto all that junk you have been wanting to throw out as we are holding a garage sale with the HIV network in June (date to be announced) half of the proceeds from this event will go to the LGBT.

Now the part you have all been dreading; because we are a not-for-profit society we rely on fund-raising events, donations and volunteers. Any donation would be greatly appreciated, if you feel that you have a little extra to spare please see one of us at coffee night.

We would also like to let you know that we will be featured in a magazine the Medicine Hat News will be putting out in late March. We have had some members express concern about the recent publicity. Although we have had a great reaction from the community at large we realize how important creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the gay community is. Therefore we have put a hold on any more press releases in the near future.

We look forward to seeing you at Glow Bowling on Friday March 22nd at 10 pm at Panorama Lanes.