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Sacred Seal

An answer to all questions about Sexuality and Religions.

An answer to all questions about sexuality and religions. What is Sacred Seal? Simply put, it is a branch of the LGBT Society of Medicine Hat to answer questions of a religious nature about sexual orientation. It is open to anyone of any faith, or those without any particular faith. The goal of Sacred Seal is to minister to those who have been persecuted by organized religion by simply being who and what God created them to be. I say "God" and not the politically correct "non specific gender neutral supreme being" because the two worse offenders of religious persecution have God at their center: Christianity and Islam. In their pure forms, both advocate love and changing from within. But those wondrous ideals have been perverted by the very people purportedly espousing them. Sacred Seal will breach their defenses of hate and ignorance with the weapon of love, the cornerstone of these faiths. Penetrating to the core, Sacred Seal will replant the love of God in the hearts of the LGBT community, and, hopefully the grater community of humanity.
As a Christian, my main focus will be the gay Christian experience, but I look forward to expanding my horizons as Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and all other faiths come together in expressing their faith and sexuality. We have all done evil in the eyes of religion by merely existing, but our faith keeps us going even when the religious people fall to the wayside.
May the love of God in all his myriad forms keep you strong.
Yours in Faith
Richard Burtt
Director, Sacred Seal